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Let you unswervingly choose Shenzhen Keda Semiconductor testing and sorting equipment
  • Product architecture
  • Software function
  • Quality control system
  • After-sales team
  • One-stop semiconductor product testing and sorting solution

    We provide professional equipment and services for semiconductor packaging and testing processes, including visual inspection and test sorting solutions. Our strong product portfolio can provide customers with complete solutions. The equipment processing capability covers most of the semiconductor packaging forms of discrete devices, integrated circuits and other conventional devices, and can automatically complete the electrical parameter testing of the device, laser marking, identification testing, 3D5S testing and taping output, automatic change Plastic tray and so on.
  • Powerful software function

    Based on IOT technology, we have developed a software solution leading the industry, collecting a large amount of on-site process data and environmental data to the platform.
    Innovatively developed a variety of algorithm models to improve on-site efficiency, quality, and equipment prediction. The model has been trained and verified on site to effectively improve the quality, reduce the loss caused by bad and downtime.
  • Have a strict quality management system

    We are well aware that to catch up with international companies, we must strictly control quality and establish and form a strict quality management system. Internally refined management and promoted the standardization of R&D and production management. We pursue the business philosophy of "focusing on the field of automation equipment, fully carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship, and becoming a century-old equipment enterprise with social value" to maximize the enthusiasm of all employees to ensure high-quality and stable products.
  • Professional after-sales team

    As the leading semiconductor sorting equipment supplier in China, Shenkeda Semiconductor not only carefully reflects the user value in the technical innovation, research and development manufacturing links, but also in the technical service links together with the value chain system resources, established a professional after-sales service team, has a set of effective after-sales technical service guarantee system.

    Multiple after-sales service outlets
    Shenkeda has more than 90 after - sale service personnel and 15 national service outlets.
    Hierarchical training
    According to different training requirements of customers, graded training, assessment after passing the post.
    Talent output
    Long-term establishment of equipment after-sales service personnel output mechanism with customers, to solve the problem of customer recruitment of professional maintenance equipment personnel.