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The SKD920 dual track test sorter is used for multi-functional test sorting requirements to meet the complex and diverse testing needs of customers, and can achieve high UPH output under conditions of long testing time. Use international brand cam splitters to ensure stability and efficiency. Integrate marking systems and imaging systems to bring cost-effective production equipment to customers

● Unique gas distribution design: The gas distribution structure of the main rotary table and marking plate adopts a unique design, with excellent airtightness and maintenance free

● Dual station design: Each workstation (positioning, testing, rotating, marking, 3D5S, sub Bin bin) adopts a dual station design, equipped with a dual ribbon structure, which improves production efficiency by twice compared to conventional (single station workstation) equipment

● Automatic feeding (vibrating disk device): double disk and double straight rail feeding, stable performance, improving equipment input efficiency

● Main rotary table: The cam splitter is equipped with 24 stations and 48 suction nozzles, which can accurately deliver products to various workstations through the adsorption of suction nozzles

Equipped with a 6-station elastic press down contact Kelvin testing station, it can complete repeated testing of products requiring tape weaving, with high testing accuracy

● Detection: The machine is equipped with 6 sets of electrical testing, 1 set of 3D testing, efficient direction discrimination, and optical and electrical performance testing, greatly improving the excellent rate

● Marking disc mechanism: The marking disc uses an independent servo motor, making position control more accurate; The marking surface of the material is at a 60 ° angle to the horizontal surface, and is equipped with dust absorbing components to solve the problem of dust falling on the material surface, providing customers with cleaner marking products

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