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SKD610 is a translational Tray to Reel tape knitting machine with AOI detection. It uses Tray tray feeding method for feeding materials, and adopts automatic variable pitch suction nozzle device for picking up and tape weaving. It is equipped with a multi-station imaging system to ensure high yield of product tape weaving, and can simultaneously meet the requirements for tape weaving of products with different packaging sizes (QFP, QFN LGA (3 * 3~15 * 15 mm))

● Mark Inspection Vision (2D Mark Detection) can identify, duplicate code marks, broken strokes, excessive strokes, and marks that exceed the plastic envelope

● Product direction judgment station, which can judge the material direction, pin deformation, character recognition, and empty nozzle material

● In Pocket Vision can detect defective products (visible defects) such as damage, contamination, and cracks in the plastic packaging body

● Visual inspection of the bottom of the carrier belt to detect damage, dents, and poor creases at the bottom of the carrier belt

● Product conveying: 4-station variable distance reclaiming mechanical arm

● Tape weaving: Open tape carrying rails are used, which can meet the tape weaving functions of different specifications of tape

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