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The SKD308H translational test sorter supports multifunctional test sorting, which can meet the complex and diverse testing needs of customers. Suitable for MSOP/QFN/QFP/SIP/LGA/BGA/CSP/SIM/IPM/IGBT/Memory (3X3-55X55mm) room and high temperature testing, sorting, and integrating imaging systems to bring high-quality product output to customers

Automatic loading and unloading mechanism: one automatic loading position, three automatic receiving positions, three manual receiving positions, one automatic receiving empty tray position, and one automatic providing empty tray position

Number of feeding and unloading nozzles: 8, each nozzle is independently controlled by the Z-axis motor, and the Y-axis direction is a bilateral drive mode

Feeding and discharging shuttle: the preheating temperature plate of the feeding shuttle is 50~130 ℃ ± 3 ℃, and it has the detection function of 1X2, 2x2, 1X4, and 2X4 sensors

Disc changing manipulator: 1, with automatic pull-up function in case of power failure

Pressure measuring mechanism: Mode 1: 1X2/1X4, X=40 ± 0.01mm Mode 2: 2X2/2X4, X=80 ± 0.01mm, Y=60 ± 0.01mm The pressure can be automatically calculated based on the number of IC pins/balls

Pressure measuring area: with image detection function to detect whether there is stacking, to prevent test misjudgment

It can connect multiple brands of testing machines, with proprietary software. It uses key switches and standard keyboards for operation and data input

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