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SKD962 turret sorter is used for tape weaving of discrete devices, IC devices, etc. It has high-speed testing, marking, and tape weaving capabilities. It uses DDR motors imported from Japan to ensure stable performance and high UPH output. Integrate the marking system and imaging system to bring high-quality product output to customers

Suction nozzle has shielding function and automatic height correction function

Automatic feeding (vibrating disc device): vibrating disc feeding, fast and stable feeding speed

Testing: The machine is equipped with 5 electrical tests, 1 3D test, efficient direction discrimination, and optical and electrical performance testing, greatly improving the excellent rate

Main rotary table: The main rotary table is equipped with 18 suction nozzles driven by servo motors, which can accurately deliver products to various work centers through the adsorption of suction nozzles

Guide/steering device: accurately position and reverse the product, with a positioning error of 0.005mm and a directional accuracy of 0.1 degree

Marking disc mechanism: The marking disc can complete functions such as laser marking, dust suction, and visual detection of marking, greatly accelerating the speed of marking

Tape weaving component: In addition to simple automatic tape weaving, it also includes automatic feeding function and sealing image detection

Image examination function after sealing (optional)

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Test sorting machine SKD962

Dual display can rotate 270 °, allowing front and rear operation, making operation easier

The pressing down motor adopts a servo motor, which has fast response speed, stability, and high accuracy

DFN testing device has good insulation, high testing accuracy, long service life, and convenient maintenance

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