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4Common problem

1.High work efficiency:

The test sorting machine can continuously and effectively sort out non-ferrous metal copper and aluminum at one time. The working efficiency of the equipment is more than 10 times that of manual labor and can be operated continuously for 24 hours.

2.Good sorting effect:

The sorting machine can sort small and medium materials that cannot be manually sorted, and the sorting rate is extremely high. Usually, the sorting rate of the sorting machine can reach 98% under the ideal condition of the material.

3.Low equipment failure rate:

The sorting machine has a simple structure and a reasonable design. All components have been optimized by computer simulation, and have been improved and upgraded to a low failure rate after long-term feedback from thousands of customers.

4.Low production and maintenance costs:

The production cost required by the equipment in the normal operation state is as low as power consumption, and the cost of the equipment that needs maintenance in the later period is few and properly maintained.

5.The equipment is easy to operate.