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The sorting machine is a sorting equipment that uses the principle of air suspension to separate mixed powder materials into light and heavy parts.Principle and characteristics: Under the action of wind transportation, the material passes through the fan and the feed hopper and falls on the high-speed rotating distribution plate. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material is fully dispersed and thrown to the buffer ring. During the falling process, Under the action of the cross air flow generated by the rotor, the heavier materials slide through the blades of the adjusting ring and fall to the coarse material collector of the sorter for collection, and then are discharged through the shut-off fan;

while the lighter materials, fine powder or fiber Under the action of the cross airflow, the airflow from the upper and middle suction port of the rotor is transported to the fine powder collector of the lower sorter for collection, and then discharged through the closed fan; the fine powder or fiber in the mixed gas in the sorter is collected and transformed into Clean air, during the operation of the rotor, is sucked in from the suction port in the lower part of the rotor, passes through the vortex ring, and then flows back to the suction port in the upper middle part of the rotor through the periphery of the adjusting ring, forming a repeated automatic circulation. Under this cyclic working principle, the material is divided into light and heavy parts. In the working process, by adjusting the position of the adjusting ring, the sorting effect can be adjusted.