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4Industry Information

The maintenance of the test sorting machine includes the following three points:

1. The test sorting machine manufacturer should check and sort out in time. After the end of every day, the machine should be cleaned in time to check whether the screws at various parts are loose and the wear conditions of vulnerable parts such as claws and screens.

2. Filling with grease, commonly used is to install a cover type oil cup on the bearing. Under normal circumstances, as long as the oil cup cover is rotated 1/4 turn every 2 hours, the grease in the cup is pressed into the bearing. If it is a closed bearing, grease can be added once every 300 hours. After long-term use, if the grease changes, the bearings should be cleaned and replaced with new grease. During equipment operation, the bearing temperature should not exceed 40°C. If the bearing temperature continues to increase under normal operating conditions, the cause should be found and the fault should be eliminated.

3. Carefully clean the materials to be destroyed. It is strictly forbidden to mix copper, iron, lead and other metal parts and large stones into the destruction room.