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4Industry Information

1. When starting the test sorting machine, do not stand in front of it to avoid hurting people with iron.

2. When operating, pay attention to whether the machine is running smoothly, whether there is abnormal noise and iron removal, and the unloading tape should not be skewed or broken. During the operation of the coal conveyor belt, the iron remover generally does not stop.

3. During operation, pay close attention to the temperature of the exciter and the operation of the fan. When the shot blasting machine temperature exceeds 80 degrees Celsius, stop and check.

4. Test the operation method of unloading of the sorting machine: press the forward or backward button on the power distribution cabinet to drive the electromagnet to a suitable position, press the excitation stop button, and return the iron on the disc to the original after unloading. s position.

5. After stopping the coal conveying belt, remove the iron block sucked in, and then stop the iron. When shutting down, check whether the test separator is short of oil, and maintain it in time.