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4Industry Information

1. In the production process of the sorting machine, the magnetic roller has a high speed and a large moment of inertia. Although high-speed dynamic balance is performed, vibration occurs. It is recommended that in the area where the user is located, the foundation depth of the machine base should be greater than the depth of the freezing layer.

2. In the production process, the test sorting machine affects the magnetic field strength, the length of the magnetic line of force, the conductivity and the material density, as well as the speed and gravity of the material. Therefore, during the installation process, the machine should be placed horizontally.

3. After the test sorting machine is installed, the condition of each part of the machine needs to be checked. If there is no abnormality, debugging can be carried out. Initially, an idling test run should be carried out. Start sequence: Turn on the conveying motor to make the conveyor belt run smoothly at the set speed and direction; then turn on the magnetic roller and gradually adjust the speed to the set speed to make the conveyor belt run smoothly.

4. After the equipment runs smoothly, according to the preset parameters, the strictly processed materials are sent to the uniform entrance conveyor belt at the opening for sorting.