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From September 4 to 5, the ninth management meeting of shenkeda semiconductor company in 2021 was successfully held in Huizhou Kangdi international hotel

In 2021, under the correct leadership of President Lin, all employees of shenkeda semiconductor fully implemented the sales objectives set by the company at the beginning of the year, closely focused on the annual work priorities, and all colleagues worked hard in unity, and finally achieved a breakthrough in performance in August, reaching a record high

At the meeting, we analyzed and discussed various business data and problems existing in various departments, and Mr. Lin and Mr. Zhou of the headquarters formulated a series of solutions to relevant problems respectively. General manager Wang of the R & D center made a work report in September on behalf of the Departmen

All colleagues benefited a lot from this meeting. I believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, the company will successfully complete all tasks and objectives of the whole year

After the meeting, the company organized a series of activities such as dinner and karaoke. President Lin and President Zhou sang a song "the sea and the sky" to push the whole activity to a climax. I believe that the company will create brilliance under the wise decision-making of the two leaders

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