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The SKD990 turret separator is used for ribbon weaving of mini semiconductor devices. The use of high-precision components and DDR motors imported from Japan ensures stability and high UPH output. Integrate marking and imaging systems to bring high-quality product output to customers

● Suction nozzle has shielding function and automatic height correction function

● Automatic feeding (vibrating disc device): materials that can be fed from 3k to 5k at a time

● Detection: Optical identification or electrical identification can be selected based on product characteristics for product direction identification

● Main rotary table: The main rotary table is equipped with 18 suction nozzles driven by servo motors, and the products are accurately delivered to each station center through the adsorption of suction nozzles

● Guide/steering device: The product is equipped with a guide/steering device from the rotation to the main rotary table to the marking plate, with a positioning error of 0.005mm and a directional accuracy of 0.1 degrees

● Marking disc mechanism: The functions of laser marking, dust suction, and visual detection of marking on the surface of materials are all completed on the marking disc, greatly accelerating the marking speed

● Image inspection function after sealing (optional)

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