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SKD990 turret sorting machine is used for tape taping of ultra-small size semiconductor devices. The use of high-precision parts and DDR motors imported from Japan ensure stability and high UPH output. The integrated marking system and imaging system provide customers with high-quality taping output.

The suction nozzle has a shielding function and an automatic height correction function;

Automatic feeding (vibrating disk device): 3k-5k material detection can be carried out at a time: product direction identification can choose optical identification or electrical discrimination according to product characteristics;

Main turntable: The main turntable is equipped with 18 suction nozzles driven by servo motors, and the products are accurately delivered to the center of each station through the suction of the suction nozzles;

Guide/steering device: the product is rotated from the main turntable to the marking plate with a guide/steering device, the positioning error is 0.005mm, and the direction accuracy is 0.1 degrees;

Marking disk mechanism: The surface laser marking, dust collection, marking visual inspection and other functions of the material are all completed on the marking disk, which greatly accelerates the speed of marking.

Image inspection function after sealing (optional).

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Test sorting machine SKD990

Dual monitors can be rotated 270°, both front and rear can be operated, and the control is easier

The four-jaw rotary positioning assembly does not damage the customer's products during the turning and positioning process

The main rotor assembly uses upper and lower air discs to supply materials, which is simple in structure and easy to maintain

Technical parameters:
model SKD990
Suitable device SOD523/SOD723/SOD1010/SOD1006/SOD0603/DFN1006/DFN0603/DFN0402
Maximum capacity 45,000 (test time less than 30ms) (psc/h)
Test station Support 6 stations test
Type of contact Shrapnel type/probe type
Classification 8+1
Feed Vibrating plate
Discharge Taping
Machine stability MTBA>60minutes MTTA<30sec MTBF> 168Hours
Air pressure 0.4-0.7MPa
vacuum ≥65KPa
power supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Marking machine parameters 10W laser marking machine; marking range: 110mm×110mm\170mm×70mm, engraving speed: ~7000mm/s; minimum character: 0.5\0.3; output power: 0-10W continuously adjustable
Image parameters Camera and resolution: 400,000 CCD camera (H640 x V480 pixels) /1.6 million CCD camera (H1280 x V1080 pixels) Accuracy: 0.012mm/pixel; Cycle period: <35ms
Bus program High precision, fast speed, open all servo parameter settings, convenient for equipment debugging and monitoring MTBA various raw data records, equipment operation logs, servo alarm codes and information and other data are permanently saved.
Station 18 seats
Size specifications