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The SKD980 turret separator is used for multi-functional testing and sorting requirements to meet the selection needs of more stations. It has flexible material supply methods and can support flexible configuration of multiple discharge methods, as well as meet more classification types and capacity requirements of customers; At the same time, the requirements for testing and sorting products with larger package sizes (TO220, TO263, TO252 251, etc.) should be considered

● Mark Inspection Vision (2D Mark Detection) can identify, duplicate code marks, broken strokes, excessive strokes, and marks that exceed the plastic envelope

● 3D5S can detect pin size, integrity, and deflection; Pin length, station height, pin width, and pin spacing

● In Pocket Vision can detect defective products (visible defects) such as damage, contamination, and cracks in the plastic packaging body

● Product delivery: rotating disc vacuum nozzle with 24 positions

● Suction nozzle has shielding function and automatic height correction function

● It can connect multiple brands of testing machines, with independent software property rights. It uses key switches, standard keyboards for operation and data input, and has a workstation interlocking function

● Product direction positioning rotation station: determine the positioning rotation direction based on the material direction

● Number of test stations: 7 (seven) (5+2QA) elastic press down contact Kelvin test stations can complete repeated testing of products requiring tape weaving, with high testing accuracy

● Package: TO252, idle running ≥ UPK=18k (no test or test marking time ≤ 120ms)

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Test sorting machine SKD980

Dual display can rotate 270 °, allowing front and rear operation, making operation easier

The pressing down motor adopts a servo motor, which has fast response speed, stability, and high accuracy

The tube splitting BIN mechanism is driven by lead screws, with a large number, fast production speed, and low and stable failure rate

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