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SKD980 turret sorting machine is used for high-power devices, such as TO252/TO251/T0263/T0220, etc., with a flexible sharing method (vibrating plate, material tube or design). The design change platform can meet the customer's classification type and capacity needs.

Mark Inspection Vision (two-dimensional mark detection) can identify, re-code imprint, imprint stroke broken pen and extra strokes, imprint beyond the plastic package;

3D5S can detect pin size, integrity, deflection; pin length, standing height, pin width and pin spacing;

In Pocket Vision (in the braid) can detect defective products (defects visible to the naked eye) such as damage, contamination, and cracks of the plastic package;

Product delivery: rotating disc with vacuum nozzle 24 positions;

The suction nozzle has a shielding function and an automatic height correction function;

Can be connected to a variety of brand testing machines, independent software property rights, using key switches, standard keyboard for operation and data input, with workstation interlocking function;

Product orientation positioning rotating station: According to the material direction, make the positioning and rotating direction;

Number of test stations: 7 (dyeing) (5+2QA) stations. The elastic pressing contact type Kelvin test station can complete repeated tests on products that need to be braided, with high test accuracy;

Package: TO252, dry running≥UPK=25k (no test or test marking time≤120ms).

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Test sorting machine SKD980

Dual monitors can be rotated 270°, both front and rear can be operated, the control is easier

The down-pressing motor adopts servo motor, which has fast response speed, stability and high precision

The management and sub-BIN mechanism adopts lead screw drive, with large quantity, high production speed, low failure rate and stability

Technical parameters:
model SKD980
Suitable device TO252/TO251, etc.
Maximum capacity 22,000 (Test time is less than 30ms) (psc/h)
Test station Support 8 stations test
Type of contact Shrapnel
Classification 3+3+1
Feed Vibrating plate/material tube
Discharge Taping/Barrel
Machine stability MTBA>60minutes MTTA<30sec MTBF>168Hours
Air pressure 0.4-0.7MPa
vacuum ≥65KPa
power supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Marking machine parameters 10W laser marking machine/20W pulse marking machine (optional); marking range: 110mm×110mm\70mm×70mm; engraving speed: ~7000mm/s; minimum character: 0.5\0.3; output power: 0-10W /20W optional
Image parameters Camera and resolution: 400,000 CCD camera (H640×V480 pixels) /1.6 million CCD camera (H1280×V1080 pixels) Precision: 0.012mm/pixel: Cycle time: <35ms
Station 24 seats
Size specifications